Why Hire Us

1. Knowledge

Offshore compliance is complicated, and requires an attorney to have a deep understanding of the laws relating to offshore compliance, and to keep up with the changes.

2. Experience

Nearly every tax penalty, additional tax assessment, or tax-related prosecution starts with your tax return in an examination. It even starts even before that with the preparation of your tax return. Voluntary disclosures are about preventing problems on the front end. I’ve worked at a Big 4 accounting firm and at IRS individual and small business exam, which is experience that has been very useful in offshore compliance cases. Understanding that process and having extensive experience in representing clients through that process is important.

We’ve handled complex disclosures including multi-million dollar investments, foreign entities, and clients with dozens of investments in passive foreign investment companies.

After many years, we have had no audits or rejections of our streamlined filings. We weed out any taxpayers who are willful from participating in the streamlined procedures.

3. Ethics

We strive to always act in best interests of the client. Our process is effective and results in the least possible cost to the client while still getting it right. We’ve successfully submitted hundreds of streamlined filings for clients over the past several years.

We maintain good relationships with clients and many are happy to serve as references upon request.

Tips on hiring a lawyer for your offshore compliance matter 

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