Why Hire Us

1. Knowledge

Offshore compliance is complicated, and requires an attorney to have a deep understanding of the laws relating to offshore compliance, and to keep up with the changes. The last person you want handling your voluntary disclosure matter is an attorney who also works on 5 other practice areas.

Call a few attorneys if you must. Do your research and be prepared with good questions to gauge whether the attorney has handled cases like yours before. Our clients who have done their research understand the nuances and complexity of this work.

2. Experience

In addition to my background in taxation, I’ve helped many dozens of clients come into compliance with undisclosed foreign accounts. But the greatest testament to our success is the number of referrals we get from past clients.

3. Ethics

We strive to always act in best interests of the client. We strive to work as efficiently as possible and to minimize client fees.

Things to watch out for:

Free consultations. When is the last time you’ve actually received valuable information from a free consultation? If you want a bad experience, sign up for a free Jiffy Lube brake inspection (you can be sure their “mechanics” will find something wrong with your brakes).

When an attorney offers you free legal advice, there is always a catch. Oftentimes, we get clients after they’ve called one of the firms offering free consultations, only to be subjected to fear mongering and high-pressure sales.

That’s not how we run our practice. When you contact us for a consultation, you receive an objective evaluation of your risks and the various ways to come into compliance. If you then happen to go with us, great. Our only goal is to help you better understand what your risks are and how to come into compliance. Choose an attorney you feel comfortable with, not just the first ad you happened to land on in Google.

Flat fee engagements. While we’ve used them time-to-time for simpler cases, our experience with fixed fees is that either the client overpays or the attorney undercharges. Neither of those is a good result for the client.

An attorney who has undercharged for a fixed fee project may be pressured to cut corners. Or as we’ve seen many times – the attorney will withdraw from your matter halfway into it and refund your money because they’ve found an even more lucrative engagement. Even if it’s acceptable by that particular State’s attorney ethics standards, it’s a horrible position to leave a client.

The specialist. We’ve noticed attorneys falsely claiming that certain experience and other requirements are necessary to become a so-called “disclosure expert” which puts them in the top percentage of all attorneys nationwide. It actually doesn’t even make logical sense – are they insinuating that they were incompetently handling client matters when they started?

Artificial low fees and bloated flat fees. If you’ve received several quotes, you may be well-served by crossing off the lowest and highest flat fee bids from your list.

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