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Houston tax attorney representing clients in federal tax matters. Dealing with IRS problems can be a stressful period for taxpayers. Resolving such issues require careful planning and teamwork.

There’s absolutely no excuse for not taking the first step right now to resolve your tax issues. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

IRS Tax Debt & Tax Audits

The IRS can be aggressive in collecting taxes, including by filing liens, garnishing wages, and levying bank accounts.

This typically does not happen unless you continue to ignore your collections notices. And the longer you put it off, the more penalties and interest will accrue. 

If you owe back taxes, don’t ignore them. Contact a Houston tax attorney today for advice on resolving your tax problem.

Offshore Voluntary Disclosures

For taxpayers who have undisclosed foreign financial assets and/or income, the IRS provides several options to remedy previous failure to comply with US tax and information reporting obligations. These options include:

We’ve successfully represented clients nationally and internationally in offshore voluntary disclosure matters.