International & Expatriate Tax

Kunal Patel advises US expatriates and foreign nationals regarding cross-border compliance issues. For those that are non-compliant with foreign asset reporting requirements, we can represent them through the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program or Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures. We have successfully represented clients with multiple undisclosed foreign financial accounts and several million dollars in undisclosed foreign financial accounts.

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Tax Resolution

We represent small businesses and individuals in tax matters before the Internal Revenue Service. Whether you have significant Tax Debt, Delinquent Returns, Tax Liens, Wage and Bank Account Levies, Property Seizures, Trust Fund Recovery Penalties, or are under an IRS Audit, we can help.

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Tax Consulting

We provide fee-based consultation for tax work that demands in-depth legal research and writing not connected with a specific issue. We can draft an opinion letter which will be backed up with legal citations and cases. Examples of situations where you might require a fee-based consultation:

•  You have chosen to do it yourself but have a specific legal question for which you require consultation.
•  You need tax guidance about a business matter or transaction.
•  You require consultation in order to determine the optimal tax treatment of several options or the tax consequences of a sale or disposition.

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