International & Expatriate Tax

Houston tax attorney, Kunal Patel, advises US expatriates and foreign nationals regarding cross-border compliance issues. For those that are non-compliant with foreign asset reporting requirements, we can represent them through the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program or Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures. We have successfully represented clients with multiple undisclosed foreign financial accounts and several million dollars in undisclosed foreign financial accounts.

Tax Resolution

We represent small businesses and individuals in tax matters before the Internal Revenue Service. Whether you have significant Tax Debt, Delinquent Returns, Tax Liens, Wage and Bank Account Levies, Property Seizures, Trust Fund Recovery Penalties, or are under an IRS Audit, we can help.

Tax Consulting

We provide fee-based consultation for tax work that demands in-depth legal research and writing not connected with a specific issue. We can draft an opinion letter which will be backed up with legal citations and cases. Examples of situations where you might require a fee-based consultation:

•  You have chosen to do it yourself but have a specific legal question for which you require consultation.
•  You need tax guidance about a business matter or transaction.
•  You require consultation in order to determine the optimal tax treatment of several options or the tax consequences of a sale or disposition.


On our Tax Blog you will find useful information regarding various tax topics that may be of interest to you. If you are a low-income taxpayer, there are various free services in the Houston community available to you. There’s absolutely no excuse for not taking the first step right now to resolve your tax issues. When you’re ready to speak to an experienced Houston tax attorney to resolve your tax issues, email or call 281-746-6066 to schedule an initial consultation.

Client Testimonials

I found Mr. Patel to be very knowledgeable. I came to him in a state of panic regarding my tax liens and multiple years of unfiled returns. My credit rating was completely shot and I was worried I would end up losing my personal assets. His solution was logical and reasonable…Some of the tax resolution companies I reached out to wanted $6500 to submit an offer in compromise…I highly recommend Mr. Patel to anyone that is dealing with IRS issues.

 – Adam B.
I highly recommend Law Office of Kunal Patel for anyone with IRS tax issues. I was struggling from massive tax debt resulting from an audit in which I decided to represent myself. He was able to reduce the tax through reconsideration and then settled the rest of the debt. It was a long process but I am happy with the results. Best tax attorney in Houston!
 – Fred H.

Kunal was quick, efficient, and successful. We had trouble getting the IRS to remove a lien, with Kunal’s assistance the matter was resolved quickly. Highly recommend his services.

– M.R., attorney

Recently I worked on a foreign accounts matter with Mr. Patel. He is a highly effective and ethical lawyer, always doing what is in his clients’ best interests. I would not hesitate in referring a client to Mr. Patel.

– S. Dunn, attorney

I first contacted Kunal through his website when I was looking for a tax attorney to see if it was possible to reduce my tax debt. He was honest and informed me about my options, which ones were more realistic and what the most likely outcome was. I called other attorneys and the initial meetings felt like a sales pitch. I decided to go with Kunal because I felt more comfortable knowing he’s seeking the best outcome and not selling unnecessary services. We were able to reduce my debt and remove the tax lien. The results were better than we expected. Highly recommend.

– Sharon

We found Mr. Patel’s services to be professional, speedy, and his rates are very reasonable for the wide array of tax services he provides. We were impressed with his knowledge of the inner workings of the IRS and complicated tax law and found him to be very trustworthy and ethical in a field where many other firms are just out to get your money. I would highly recommend his services and will definitely use his services again.

 – Lindsey M.

When I first called Kunal I was very worried because I had many years of FBARs and unreported foreign income. I never realized that I needed to report foreign income on the US return until I read about it online. Then I read about the FBAR and FATCA penalties and I was really worried that I would lose much of foreign investments. Kunal did a good job reassuring me throughout the process and the streamlined application went without any problems.

– J.P.

Kunal Patel was extremely helpful in solving my tax problems. He is very experienced and professional. Kunal was willing to fight for me to get my issues resolved. I was very happy with the results and highly recommend the Law Office of Kunal Patel!
 – Frank M., attorney
Kunal is a great guy to work with. He understood my requirements and is quite knowledgeable. Give him a try!
 – Jay M.
I unfortunately had a delinquent tax return and Mr. Patel was very helpful in getting it resolved. He is courteous and professional. My stress level decreased once I hired him! Highly recommend!
– Carol F.

Kunal has been really helpful over the past few months in order to get me compliant per the streamline procedures. Kunal was aware of all the nuances related to FATCA and FBAR procedures and gave appropriate recommendation and advice. I would definitely recommend Kunal for future work related to tax advice or issues with compliance…

– Sid R.

Our experience with Kunal Patel has been awesome. He was extremely transparent,always available for advice,very reliable and basically on top of the job. He pointed us in the right direction & cleared our matter very professionally. We would most certainly recommend him, to whoever might need a Tax Attorney.
– Sanjay S.