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Houston tax attorney representing clients in federal tax matters. Dealing with IRS problems can be a stressful period for taxpayers. Resolving such issues require careful planning and teamwork. We have successfully represented clients in IRS controversies and streamlined offshore procedures.

There’s absolutely no excuse for not taking the first step right now to resolve your tax issues. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

Offshore Voluntary Disclosures

For taxpayers who have undisclosed foreign financial assets and/or income, the IRS provides several options to remedy previous failure to comply with US tax and information reporting obligations. These options include:

We’ve successfully represented clients nationally and internationally in offshore voluntary disclosure matters.

IRS Tax Disputes & Debt

If you have received an examination letter from the IRS, you need a tax attorney in Houston who understands the audit process on your side.

Revenue agents often overstep their boundaries when conducting audits. We will ensure that your rights are protected at all times. While we attempt to resolve all tax disputes at examination or IRS appeals, occasionally we are forced to petition the tax court for relief.

In addition we have helped clients struggling with massive amounts of IRS debt.