Why Hire an Attorney for your Tax Debt

We have worked with hundreds of clients with tax debt problems and a question we frequently get is, “why do I need an attorney to help resolve the tax debt.”

Tax debt resolution is complicated

The IRS’s goal is to collect the taxes as quickly as possible. They may not inform you of other options that you might qualify for.

The most important step in a tax resolution case is the initial analysis. This should happen before you contact the IRS.

This involves obtaining your transcripts, determining expiration of collections statutes (CSEDs), conducting a compliance check, and completing a financial analysis. The financial analysis includes reviewing your income and expenses to determine which Tax Debt Relief options you can qualify for.

If you qualify for an offer in compromise, the process can be challenging for someone without a tax background. It is not recommended that you do this alone.

Dealing with the IRS can be stressful

For certain types of payment plans, the IRS will inquire about your personal income and expense details. This can be stressful for some people.

For employment tax and significant tax debt, you will not have the option to set up a payment plan over the phone. You will have a revenue officer assigned to your case.

IRS revenue officers can and do visit taxpayers’ businesses or homes unannounced. Revenue officers can be very aggressive and you should have a representative to deal with them.

We are not a tax resolution firm

You may hear ads on the radio and the television from tax resolution companies. You call them to get a great sales pitch, and then find yourself paying several thousands of dollars for your case to be handed to a random employee halfway across the country.

We are not a faceless tax resolution company. We’re local in Houston, Texas.

We understand how scary it can be to owe tax debt. While we can’t promise to make the tax debt disappear, we will aim to get you the best possible resolution.