Unfiled Tax Returns

Do you have several years of unfiled tax returns and are looking for a fresh start? Are you scared every time you check your mail, hoping you don’t get a letter from the IRS? Or maybe your tax situation is keeping you from applying for a mortgage or other loan. If you’re on our website, then you’re probably looking to do the right thing and file your late taxes, but might not be sure where to start.

What happens if you don’t file a tax return?

If the IRS contacts you regarding your unfiled tax returns, it’s not too late and do not panic. It’s crucial to take the right step by contacting a tax attorney and seeking help. These problems can be successfully resolved by addressing the problem quickly. By working with a tax attorney you immediately put a shield between yourself and the IRS. The IRS will deal directly with us through power of attorney.

If the IRS hasn’t contacted you yet, now is the best time to get your late taxes in order through IRS voluntary compliance. If you continue to wait, the consequences can be very severe. The taxpayer may be subject to a fraudulent failure to file penalty, as well as even criminal prosecution.

We will first conduct a risk assessment to determine whether we can simply file the delinquent tax returns or whether you need tax amnesty from criminal prosecution.

Why do I need to contact a tax attorney?

  • If you require attorney-client privilege, don’t take your chances. Some taxpayers who have unfiled returns will begin to seek help by contacting their accountant. Be advised, however, that Federal laws recognize only a limited accountant-client privilege concerning confidential communications. The confidential rules involving communications between a client an their accountant only apply to civil tax disputes, and not criminal cases. An attorney-client privilege will protect your communications even in the event of a criminal tax investigation or prosecution for unfiled back tax returns.
  • You have willfully acted to avoid filing your tax returns or have committed tax fraud. Missing a tax deadline by a few months is rarely considered willful.
  • Filing your late returns may result in a large tax balance that may go into collections and result in a lien or levying of your assets.

Why should you hire the Law Office of Kunal Patel LLC?

We understand you have a choice of tax professionals. Here’s why you should hire us:

  1. I have dealt with serious tax delinquency issues from both sides of the table – first at the IRS, in public accounting, and now in private practice. The IRS can be surprisingly transparent, but only if you know how to request information. I request all transcripts available to determine what income documents the IRS has on file for you. I understand how to read these transcripts for internal codes and understand what actions, if any, the IRS has taken on your account.
  2. I am not a tax preparer. While we will have your returns prepared through an affiliate, my goal is to put the client into full compliance. This involves not just preparing and filing the delinquent tax return(s), but also conducting an initial risk analysis and then dealing with the sometimes massive debt from years of unfiled returns.

Unfiled Tax Returns Package

If you have unfiled returns and use our services, we provide the following as part of a “fresh start” package:

  1. Power of attorney. Filing a power of attorney with the IRS immediately places a shield between yourself and the IRS. Although the IRS can still send you letters, you will not be contacted directly.
  2. Transcript analysis. We request any and all transcripts available for the year(s) of tax delinquency and analyze them to see what tax information the IRS has on file for you and what actions, if any, have been taken on your account
  3. Preparation of delinquent tax returns
  4. Penalty abatement (if qualified)
  5. Collection representation (release of liens and levies)
  6. Debt resolution

Contact us today. The IRS takes “non-filers” very seriously, assessing civil penalties, and in some cases even criminal penalties to those individuals that refuse to file or fraudulently refuse to file.