Houston IRS Office Directory

On this page you can find more information regarding the IRS organizational structure and Houston IRS Office Directory.

IRS Organizational Chart

The IRS agency is comprised of 24 departments, headed by the Commissioner’s office. Click to view the IRS Organizational Chart.

Small Business/Self-Employed

Small Business/Self-Employed organizations:

  • Collection The mission of Collection is to collect delinquent taxes and secure delinquent tax returns.

  • Compliance Services Campus Operations This division oversees operations of the Brookhaven, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Memphis and Ogden Campuses.

  • Examination It is the function of Examination Division to help taxpayers understand and meet tax responsibilities and apply the tax law with integrity and fairness through Field and Office Audit examinations.

  • Specialty Taxes Currently there are four market segments for which this division has responsibility. They are Employment Tax, Excise Tax, Estate and Gift Tax and International Tax issues.

  • Communications and Stakeholder Outreach (CSO) CSO’s mission is to develop and deliver integrated strategic communications and educational products to employees and taxpayers and to our key partners in tax administration including practitioners and industry groups.

Small Business/Self-Employed Taxpayers

  • Small businesses (part-time, start-ups)
  • Small businesses without employees (service providers, contractors)
  • Small businesses with employees
  • Taxpayers with rental properties
  • Taxpayers with farming businesses
  • Individuals investing in businesses (partnerships, S-Corps)
  • Corporations, S-Corporations, & Partnerships with assets less than $10M
  • Approximately 54 million customers

If you are one of the taxpayers in the above categories, and you have received a letter from the IRS, it is most likely from the SB/SE organization. If you are in the above category and received a letter from Collections, then the letter would come from the SB/SE Collections office.

Large Business and International

The Large Business and International (LB&I) Division serves corporations, subchapter S corporations, and partnerships with assets greater than $10 million.

Large business taxpayers

  • All 1120 and 1120-S corporations and 1065 partnerships with assets $10 million or more
  • Approximately 210,000 customers

IRS SB/SE National Leadership Contacts

Contact List



Karen Schiller



Mary Beth Murphy
Deputy Commissioner



Scott Prentky
Director, Collection
Bobby Hunt
Director, Operations Support



Shenita Hicks
Director, Examination



IRS Texas and Local Leadership Contacts

Click to view the IRS Texas telephone directory for practitioners. This directory includes area and local contact information for SB/SE organizations (examination, collections, specialty), LB&I, Appeals, Area Counsel, Criminal Investigations, TE/GE, TIGTA, Wage and Investment, Taxpayer Advocate, and others.