Fees will vary depending on the type of case. Estimates cannot be provided over the phone.

Appointments: A 20 minute initial phone evaluation is free.  For initial office consultations, a small deposit of $50 is required to be paid online to confirm the appointment. There will be no further charges for the consultation. This deposit policy is in place to discourage last minute cancellations and no shows that we were experiencing with free consultations.

OVDP/Streamlined Procedures: Flat fee

Audit Representation: Hourly rate for office and field audits. A flat fee is not possible because it is impossible to determine how long the audit process will last and whether appeals will be necessary. An audit can be concluded in 30 days or in some cases it may take the IRS several months.

IRS Collections Representation:  Hourly or fixed. If client chooses fixed fee, we’ll provide you with a fee range at the initial consultation, but we will not be able to provide an engagement letter with exact fees until we’ve completed an analysis of your tax account history, financial information, and prior notices received. The cost for the analysis is $500. Upon completion of the analysis, which can take up to two weeks, we will provide you with an exact estimate for the remainder of the process.

Note: we only accept IRS debt resolution cases where the tax debt is over $50,000, unless it involves a trust fund recovery penalty or innocent spouse claim. A balance under $50,000 can be resolved by the taxpayer through a streamlined installment agreement by submitting a Form 9465 to the IRS.

All Other Matters: Hourly or fixed depending on the issue.

Clients are sometimes concerned about hourly rates due to uncertainty as to what their total legal costs will be. We’ll give you an accurate range of what we expect based on prior cases we’ve handled. If at any point we determine that it will exceed that range, we will notify you immediately. Invoices should never be surprises; we will set your fee expectations before starting any work. If there is any concern about an invoice, we will be happy to discuss with you to come to a resolution.

While I try to keep prices reasonable, I do not strive to be the lowest cost provider. Quality representation in IRS matters requires time and attention.