IRS to Begin Using Private Debt Collectors

Contents1 IRS to Assign Millions of Collections Accounts to Private Debt Collectors1.1 Why is this happening?1.2 Has this happened before?1.3 How will this affect taxpayers that are currently owe and are not in an installment agreement or other alternative?1.4 How do I protect myself from private debt collectors? IRS to Assign Millions of Collections Accounts … Read more

Dealing with an IRS Audit

Contents1 Getting Audited by the IRS2 Types of IRS Audits2.1 Correspondence Audit Program2.2 Automated Underreporter Program (AUR)2.3 Office Audits2.4 Field Audits3 IRS Audit Triggers (“Red Flags”)4 How to Prepare for an Audit5 FAQ Getting Audited by the IRS If you’re visiting this page, perhaps it’s because you’re being audited by IRS; or maybe you’re wondering … Read more

Discharging Tax Debt Under Chapter 7

Contents1 Discharging Tax Debt Under Chapter 72 What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?3 What does Filing a Chapter 7 do to Taxes?4 Will my Tax Debt be Discharged Through a Chapter 7?4.1 Secured Tax Claims4.2 Priority Claims4.3 General Unsecured Taxes4.4 Example5 Should I File a Chapter 7? Discharging Tax Debt Under Chapter 7 A common misconception … Read more

Immigration and Taxes

Contents1 Immigration and Taxes2 Why Taxes are Important in Immigration3 What Types of Tax Issues will Affect my Immigration Application?4 Can I Apply for Citizenship if I owe Taxes?5 What Should I do if I Believe my Taxes Were not Filed Correctly? Immigration and Taxes Immigration and taxes might not seem like two areas that have much … Read more

How to Settle IRS Debt

Contents1 How to Settle IRS Debt2 Step 1: Determine if you are Current on your Tax Obligations3 Step 2: Calculate your Discretionary Monthly Income4 Step 3: Obtain a copy of your Tax Account Transcripts5 Step 4: Complete a Financial Analysis6 Step 5: Submit your Paperwork and First Payment7 Step 6: Continue to Make Payments and … Read more

The Five Biggest Mistakes Tax Practitioners Make When Filing an Offer-in-Compromise!

Contents1 The Five Biggest Mistakes Tax Practitioners Make When Filing an Offer-in-Compromise!2 Mistake #1: Not Checking the Statute of Limitations3 Mistake #2: Not Dealing With The Taxpayer’s Current Compliance4 Mistake #3: Not Properly Calculating Future Income5 Mistake #4: Not Looking at What the Taxpayers are NOT Spending!6 Mistake #5: Not Properly Calculating Reasonable Collection Potential The … Read more

IRS collections – Federal Tax Liens

Contents1 IRS collections – Federal Tax Liens2 How a Federal Tax Lien is Created3 Filing of a Federal Tax Lien4 Relief from a Federal Tax Lien5 Conclusion IRS collections – Federal Tax Liens Anyone who has been in trouble with IRS tax debt probably has some experience with a federal tax lien. Learn about what an IRS … Read more