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My sponsor has to send the transcript of the IRS and also the Federal income tax return. The IRS made a correction due to an error on tax return and lower the refund so I want to know if I need to send the original tax return as my husband sent it or if it can be the new one with the right amount.
He completed the tax return as married filling jointly but I had no income. The only form we have to send to the NVC is the I-864EZ, is this correct?
There are two questions.
Thank you in advance.

Was it a correction or an adjustment? If it’s just a correction (e.g., math error), then there’s nothing further you need to do unless you want to dispute it. If it’s an adjustment (for example, disallowance of a credit), then you need to determine whether you agree with it or not. If you don’t agree, you’ll need to respond to the notice that the IRS should have sent. If any doubts, have a tax attorney take a look at the notice.

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