Attorneys’ Fees – Are they Deductible?

Contents1 Attorneys’ Fees – Are they Deductible?2 Basic Rule3 Examples of Deductible Attorneys’ Fees4 Examples of Non-deductible Attorneys’ Fees Attorneys’ Fees – Are they Deductible? The good news for taxpayers is that attorneys’ fees in relation to tax services for individuals and small business issues are deductible! Basic Rule The basic rule is that attorneys’ … Read more

Can You Settle Your IRS Debts?

Contents1 Can IRS Debts be Settled?2 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy3 Offer in Compromise3.1 Pre-Qualifiers for Filing an OIC3.2 Requirements for Filing an OIC3.3 How much should you offer?3.4 Special circumstances3.5 What if your offer is rejected?4 Offer-in-Compromise vs. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy4.1 Applying for OIC before Chapter 7 filing4.2 Applying for OIC after Chapter 7 discharge4.3 Which one … Read more